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What a Locksmith does and who they are

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

The Locksmith
The Locksmith

The science and practice of creating and defeating locks are referred to as locksmithing. Since more than 2500 years ago, locks have been made, first from wood and then from metal. [1] In the past, locksmiths would create the complete lock, spending hours manually cutting screws and performing extensive file work. In the 18th century, lock designs dramatically increased in complexity, and locksmiths frequently specialized in either lock maintenance or lock design.

Although fitting keys to replace lost keys to automobiles and homes, as well as changing keys for homes and businesses to maintain security, locksmiths today are primarily involved in the installation of higher quality lock-sets and the design, implementation, and management of keying and key control systems, according to a 1976 US Government publication. Most locksmiths also service electronic locks, such as making smart keys for transponder-equipped vehicles and implementing and deploying access control systems to protect individuals and assets for a variety of large institutions.

In terms of physical security, a locksmith's job frequently entails assessing the level of risk to an individual or institution and then recommending and implementing appropriate combinations of equipment and policies to create "security layers" that outweigh the reasonable gain to an intruder or attacker. The more security layers that are implemented, the more additional skills and knowledge, as well as tools, are required to defeat them all. However, because each layer incurs a cost to the customer, the application of appropriate levels without exceeding reasonable costs to the customer is frequently critical and necessitates the services of a skilled and knowledgeable locksmith.

While a handyman can install and replace locks, locksmiths are specialists whose assistance may be desired for a variety of reasons. As previously stated, their understanding of various lock systems can aid in appropriate lock selection and the establishment of best practices. 

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Locksmiths can be commercial (out of a storefront), mobile (out of a vehicle), institutional (employed by an institution), or investigative (forensic locksmiths), or they can specialize in one aspect of the skill, such as an automotive lock specialist, a master key system specialist, or a safe technician. Many are also security consultants, but not all security consultants are locksmiths.

Most locksmiths do more than simply fix locks; they also repair any door hardware that is already in place. This covers various door hardware such as closers, hinges, electric strikes, and frame repairs.

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A locksmith is a skilled professional specializing in the design, functionality, and repair of locks and keys. Their work encompasses various essential tasks for the security and access control of properties and possessions. Contact Residential Locksmith for more details regarding security.

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