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Security Locks: Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Your house is your haven. For your own piece of mind, preserving its security should be your first priority. You may maintain the security of your location by using a dependable security lock. Most homeowners are unaware that weak lock security systems contribute to the majority of burglaries occurring through the front door. To protect your house and loved ones, you should spend money on a high-quality security lock.

In addition, there are a lot of other things about security locks that you should know. This article seeks to provide tips on how to increase the security of your property.

What are the 7 Different Kinds of Door Locks?

Unexpectedly, there are numerous security lock options for front doors to safeguard distinct items. There are, however, a variety of door lock solutions available. Here are the seven different kinds of door security locks you need to be aware of.


The most popular security lock on the market is the deadbolt lock. They operate without a spring by moving or rotating a key or knob. Deadbolts come in a variety of designs, the most basic of which is the one with a single cylinder. A single/double lockable deadbolt, a thumb turn lock, and double cylinder deadbolts are further choices.

Knob Locks

Additionally common door locks, these serve as the majority of home locks' primary security measure. Instead of the door, their lock cylinder is located in the knob. However, because they are less secure than deadbolts, internal doors can use them.

Handle Locks

Almost identical to knob locks, handle locks differ only in having the lock cylinder on the handle. In order to activate the locking mechanism and prevent the cylinder from being twisted to open the door, modern handle locks use a thumb turn or key tumbler.

Barrel Bolt and Chain Locks

Security locks with barrel bolts and chains work by sliding a cylinder or fastening a chain to a jam attached to the door. To keep kids from opening the doors, these locks are typically mounted at their tops. When the owners are there, they work best to prevent intruders from entering a house.


Common free-standing security lock group kinds include padlocks. Unlike other locks, padlocks can be disconnected from the door. While there are several models to pick from, the keyed and combination options are the most popular choices.

Mortise Locks

These are the strongest security locks available for front doors or any other doors that are exposed to the outside. Both heavy-duty and light variants are available. This lock has a deep recess at the border of the door and a box lockset.

Smart Locks

The most recent style of home security lock is the smart lock. Many smart locks include remote access capabilities, allowing you to unlock the door using your smartphone or a key fob without touching anything. Voice control, touchpad pin access, audio, and video components are all included with smart locks. Driveway alarms and other security lock systems are among the options.

Five reasons to install a high-security lock

For people who want to increase the security of their front door's regular security locks, high-security locks are a smart choice. Due to its special characteristics that guard against theft and intruders, they offer better protection for homes. Here is a summary of why having a high-security lock is crucial.

Ensures Restricted Keyways

It's no secret that property owners, whether they own a business or a home, worry about lost or duplicated keys. Fortunately, a lot of high-security locks are impossible to copy. The creation of duplicate keys to establish key control for a person or business is only permitted by one locksmith like the MX13 Restricted Key System by Lock Nerds Locksmith.

They Are Difficult to Pick

A unique pin corresponds to high-security locks. This kind of lock can only be opened by a specific locksmith using specialized equipment. Additionally, they are drill-resistant, which makes them difficult to break.

Gives users the option to reset their locks

You don't need to replace your locks if you have modern high-security locks; simply reset them. This is possible with both master and grand master keys.

When should I replace my lock?

In the following situations, replacement of the front door lock is something you should think about:

When your property's aesthetic aspects are in harmony with new locks you want to replace any security locks that are worn out, broken, or otherwise damaged.

You desire a high-security lock update.

A master key is what you want to use for your building.

You relocate to a new residence, or someone departs.

You or a resident of your house loses your keys.

If you don't have the time to completely replace your lock since there has been an upsurge in crime in your neighborhood, think about having your lock rekeyed.

What Does It Mean to Rekey a Lock?

Rekeying a lock entails modifying the lock's parts to work with a new key. This enables you to preserve the same security lock while disabling use of the old key. To accomplish this, the door's lock must be removed, and the tumblers and keys must be changed. Even though it might not seem like it, you can complete this task by yourself if you have the necessary instruments on hand.

You have the option of rekeying your lock or using a locksmith like Lock Nerds Locksmith. A locksmith would be better suited for this task if you don't have the current matching key because they will need to pick the lock in order to open it.

What Is the Difference Between Lock Changes and Lock Rekeying?

Rekeying is the process of updating a lock's parts to work with a new key. On the other hand, changing or modifying a lock entails removing the old lock from a door and replacing it with a fresh lock. Depending on how complicated the installation process is, you can decide whether to replace or rekey your lock on your own or call a locksmith.

Installing a DIY driveway alarm system is another option to increase your home's security and better safeguard your family.


It is crucial to secure your house. Putting money into a trustworthy home security system keeps your house secure. You may feel secure knowing that you're doing everything possible to protect your house and family by implementing home security best practices, such as installing a sturdy security lock on your front door and a DIY driveway alarm system.

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