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Assa Abloy Panic Bar
Assa Abloy Panic Bar by Lock Nerds Locksmith

If you own or operate a business in the Buffalo, NY area or one of its surrounding communities, you want to safeguard your tangible assets, including any inventory you may have. You must keep everyone in your company safe and establish an environment that makes people feel protected.Consider your locks for a moment. Are they assisting you? Are they appropriate for the size of your business and the importance of your papers and proprietary information?

A break-in can cost you far more than just a few office chairs and computer monitors. Your sensitive information might be lost in minutes, but it can take months to restore. Needless to say, this can be damaging to your business, sending you back to a point where recovery becomes tough.

Invest in commercial locks that will keep everyone and everything safe to avoid losing precious business assets or jeopardizing your personnel. Let's take a look at how the appropriate commercial locks might assist your company's return on investment (ROI).


Whatever your business is, you've put a lot of time, money, and effort into it. You've spent thousands of dollars on furnishings and gadgets to maintain a healthy level of work. You've spent money designing a facility that is both visually appealing and comfortable for the individuals who work there.

Many things can happen during a break-in. Your tangible property may be stolen. Your carefully crafted world is vulnerable to vandalism and destruction. Your goods could be stolen, leaving you with a massive debt and nothing to sell. Trade secrets, proprietary systems and designs, research data, patents you haven't yet filed, financial information, and much more can be taken away, getting into the hands of the wrong people and ruining you.

Furthermore, a break-in can expose you to a lawsuit if even one of your employees believes you failed to take adequate safeguards to secure them or their personal items. Invest in the correct commercial locks to avoid the difficulty, difficulties, and probable business closure that can follow from a break-in.

Protect Your Inventory

You have commodities and inventory worth thousands of dollars (or more) whether you run a bookstore, a computer components company, or a tea warehouse. You also keep the materials, components, and ingredients required for the products you make or assemble before selling them. What would happen to your company if you walked into work one day and everything was gone?

Your insurance would pay the losses, but restocking would take a long time. It's conceivable that you won't be able to find some of the products you require right away due to a temporary shortage or other factors beyond your control. If you are unable to fulfill orders due to stolen inventory, you risk upsetting a large number of consumers and losing a major portion of your clientele.

Make the Environment More Secure for Everyone

You may not be keeping your employees safe enough if your locking mechanisms are outdated or inadequate. If anyone can just stroll into your building without the right badges or identification systems in place, your employees may not feel protected; as a result, production may suffer as anxiety and stress levels rise.

Invest in a locking system that truly protects everyone within your business to keep them feeling safe and actually being safe.

Increase Productivity

We've already mentioned it, but a workplace that appears to be dangerously weak in security will put staff on edge. As a result, when your employees are plagued by anxiety or concerns, they are unable to be productive.

Changing your locks and improving your commercial locking systems can be an easy and cost-effective approach to boost your company's security and efficiency. If you plan ahead of time, you'll only need to do the upgrade once, and you'll be good for years to come.

Enjoy Greater Peace of Mind

Whether you're the owner of a business or an employee that has to close up shop and clean late at night, knowing that the place is secure and you won't be frightened by an intruder will provide you much more peace of mind.

How Does All of This Result in Dollar Savings?

We've examined how safe commercial locks can help your company and its personnel. What does all of this mean in terms of monetary savings for you?

For one thing, you won't have to waste time or money trying to recreate what you've lost. Avoiding a break-in means avoiding the loss of merchandise and business assets, as well as the expense of replacing everything and starting over. It can help you avoid vandalism, which might cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

If your goods and materials are stolen and you are unable to fulfill orders or provide services to clients, they will go elsewhere, and you risk losing a substantial portion of your customer base as well as the monetary value that this represents.

Furthermore, a safe and secure atmosphere increases employee happiness, which leads to much higher levels of productivity. Overall, you can probably see how a one-time investment in your company's security might result in long-term ROI in a variety of areas.


Call Lock Nerds Locksmith if you're ready to rekey your locks and create a lot stronger, more effective security system for your business. We can show you the latest in commercial smart lock management and tell you about our MX13 Restricted Key System.

Lock Nerds Locksmith Contact Information
Lock Nerds Locksmith Contact Info

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