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Nerd Fox with MX13 Restricted Key

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Located in Buffalo, NY, Lock Nerds Locksmith provides local locksmith services to all of Western New York. The primary objective of Lock Nerds Locksmith is to offer dependable, efficient, hassle-free, and courteous locksmith services 24/7 in Western, NY with ♥️.


We offer locksmith services and are completely insured. Thanks to our satisfied and devoted clients, Lock Nerds Locksmith is growing and now provides services in more locations in Western, NY. Keeping customers happy is our main goal. 

In order to uphold our high standards, Lock Nerds receive ongoing training as well as updates on the latest products and technology that hit the market. Lock Nerds Locksmiths provides 24-hour emergency locksmith services for residential and commercial properties, as well as lock replacement, rekeying, and much more, all handled by trained locksmiths.

Airbnb Hosts

We work closely with our Airbnb hosts to help them simplify their vacation rental or numerous properties.

We partner closely with Airbnb hosts to assist them in managing their Airbnb properties; our technology partners controls virtual keys for each reservation. 

With August's fully automated solution, you can say goodbye to distributing physical keys and managing lockbox codes. August Home interacts with the Airbnb app directly for a seamless host and guest experience. When a reservation is made, each visitor receives instructions on how to access the property during their stay in their Airbnb email.

Lock Nerds Airbnb Hosts

Smart Locks

We advise our customers in acquiring the best smart locks for their home convenience and security. 

Smart security for your home, rental or multi-family property. Home security and peace of mind for you. Keyless, convenient entry to your home, small company, or rental property. It is essential to us if it is important to you. Our Lock Nerds are intelligent enough to concentrate their efforts on your home's protection with our vast smart locks.

Lock Nerds Locksmith Smart Locks


Meet the Team

We are proud of our team because they are the heart of our organization and make the magic happen every day.

Customers who engage with our team members will agree that our service is exceptional and customer service is paramount.




Jahaira works closely with the administrative department and is concerned with various facets of the firm, including its future.

Jahaira Acevedo



As our company's master locksmith, Abdy has years of experience in the field and takes great satisfaction in ensuring that our clients receive the greatest customer service and security hardware available.

Abdy Mercado



Our company's mascot, Nerd Fox, takes great pride in all aspects of marketing and promotion, including setting a positive tone for the company's image.

Nerd Fox


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